Monthly Payment

The discounted price of 3000 will be applied to translations of English, Japanese, Chinese. Three cases will receiveed a 10% discount.

Translation \ Original Text Chinese English Japanese
English General 2500 words 4478 words 1500 words
Professional 2000 words 5000 words 1000 words
Japanese General 2500 words 1500 words 2000 words
Professional 2000 words 1500 words 50000 words
Chinese General 3700 words 3700 words
Professional 2000 words 2000 words


The above word count is as in the original text., 5% tax is included. Payment is due monthly to the company’s account:

1. ATM:(008)



Account name:Kingston Translation Service Co., Ltd.


銀行/分行:HMCB / Dunhua Branch

3. Paypal:

 [email protected]


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