About Us

Since 2002, in addition to interpretation and translation, we also provide editing in multiple languages, subtitling for multi-media, voice-over, E-book production, multilingualization of websites, translation of video games, and Transcreation Service for firms and private dissertations.

We cooperate with about 3800 translators in Australia, America, Asia, and Europe, and provide 24-hour global service. We also process over 10,000,000 words annually.

Management Goal

Kingston Translation provides various translation and interpretation services. We believe in reinventing ourselves in order to meet the requirements of customers of different generations.

We provide customers with reasonable prices, timely turnaround, and exacting quality control. For us, every document is a unique order, and our highest objective is client satisfaction .

The Extraordinary Team

We excel in providing professional quality translations, backed up by years of experience. We have branches in Taiwan, Australia, USA, and Vietnam, which enables us to provide 24-hour service, assisting international enterprises, private firms, and personal translation needs. Through meticulous inspection of translated pieces, we strive to retain the reputation of a trustworthy translation company.

Achieving Excellence

Kingston Translation provides customized translation. We offer reasonable prices and top quality, not unrealistic discounts. The translation process is closely monitored, with careful editing and inspection by native speakers of the target language.


As of 2016, Kingston Translation employs 3500 translators and interpreters, covering 126 languages. We provide 24-hour instant language services. Feel free to send us an inquiry.

Our Service Process


Offer Quotation

Service provided by individual branch

Online inquiry

Instant communication

Free calls

Urgent response

Project Execution

Scheduling according to language and proficiency

Tracking translation progress

Maintaining contact with clients

Quality Control and Correction

Quality Control and Correction

Inspection of the quality of documents, which will be corrected according to customers’ need

Evaluation by staff

Delivery and warranty

Finish the project on time

Punctual delivery

Warranty over translation

Guaranteed satisfaction